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Kelm Research Center generates research which is of great value to society, academic institutions, and the employment sector. We are committed to conducting research that is impartial with the highest standards of methodological integrity. Our research staff act with honesty and integrity to produce research that values respect, fairness and the highest professionalism.
Kelm Research Center is a cohort of education practitioners and researchers conducting studies about education, technology, the workforce, and society. Led by college professors who combine their expertise, practice, and skills in technology and computing with the analytical rigor of social science, our studies are designed as action, emancipatory research with a techno-driven data analysis approach. We employ only those tools and methods of analysis which, in our professional judgment, are well suited to the research problem at hand. We describe our findings and methods accurately and in sufficient detail to permit outsiders to evaluate the credibility of our results.
We encourage inquiries about our research methods and practices and attempt to answer requests for information promptly. We generate a portal of facts about technology’s disruptive aspects by evaluating the impact and role of technology in society. Central to our mission is a commitment to measuring public behaviors and key trends in technology use amongst demographic groups. Millennials give researchers a method of analyzing usage over time, and provide a way to understand how different practical experiences shape their view of the world. Our research publications enrich the dialogue about education, technology, the workforce, and innovation to promote a deeper understanding of societal trends in an increasingly digital world.

Mission Statement

We conduct empirical and action research studies on a wide range of topics to helps educators, employers, researchers, and the public understand and address social problems. We believe that technology and digital tools help us acquire better information for building a better world. Understanding social trends helps identify problems and construct solutions that promotes equity in education, the workforce, and society.

Recent Publications

Evaluating the Effects of Technology Content Knowledge Professional Development Training on Teacher Instructional Practices
Fall 2020By
ASCEND: Community Workforce Evaluation Report
Summer 2020By
Using Informatics and Technology Practices for Academic Performance Review
Summer 2018By

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